Comment désherber efficacement ?

Comment désherber efficacement ?


Desherber is the action of removing undesirable plants or herbs from a garden or any outdoor space. It is crucial to remove these weeds as they compete with other plants for nutrients, sunlight, and water, leading to stunted growth and even death. Now that we know the importance of desherbering, let’s explore some of the most efficaces desherber methods and techniques.

Desherber with vinegar:

One of the plus efficaces ways to desherber your garden is by using vinegar. Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the solution on the undesirable plants or mauvaises herbes. This mixture will work best with small and young weeds. The acid in the vinegar will burn the weed’s foliage, leading to the weed’s death. Repeat the process for three consecutive days to ensure the weeds are completely removed.

Pull out the weeds:

If your garden has fewer weeds, one of the most classic and reliable methods is to retire herbes manually. Put on a pair of gloves, grab a hoe or a garden fork and start pulling out the weeds while paying attention to removing the roots to prevent regrowth. Be careful not to disturb the soil or other plants while pulling out the weeds.

Use white vinegar with salt:

Another method is using white vinegar with salt. Like the vinegar-only method, the process involves mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar, but this time with salt. Salt helps to dehydrate the weeds, making it difficult for them to survive. Add two tablespoons of salt to a vinegar and water mixture and spray on the weeds. Repeat the process for three consecutive days.

Weeding tools:

If you are not a fan of manual desherber methods, you can opt to use weeding tools. Weeding tools are specific tools designed to remove weeds with minimal strain on the back and body. There are various types of weeding tools, including a hoe, a hand weeder, a cultivator, and a weed puller. Simply select the weeding tool of your choice and start removing the weeds from your garden.

Chemical desherber:

Chemical desherber is the use of herbicides to remove weeds from the garden. While they are considered one of the plus efficaces desherber methods, herbicides should be used with caution as they can also harm other plants and animals. Always read the label instructions carefully and apply the herbicides when the weather conditions are favorable.


Q1. What happens if I don’t desherber my garden?

A1. If you don’t desherber your garden, weeds will compete for nutrients, sunlight, and water with other plants leading to stunted growth and even death.

Q2. How often should I desherber my garden?

A2. Desherbering your garden should be a regular practice. If done manually, aim to desherber at least once a week, while chemical desherber can be applied once or twice a year.

Q3. Can I use household vinegar to desherber?

A3. Yes, household vinegar can be used to desherber, but it may be less efficace than white vinegar.


Desherbering is an essential practice to maintain the beauty and health of your garden. With the above methods, you should be able to desherber your garden effectively. Choose a desherber method that suits you best, and don’t forget to desherber regularly to prevent weeds from taking over your garden.